Smudge Sticks


Smudge Sticks


The practice of ‘smudging’ has been around for centuries. Originating in the Americas this ceremony was practised by Indigenous people. It involves the burning of sacred herbs (Smudge Sticks) , in some cases for a spiritual cleansing or blessing.

‘Smudging’ rituals are known for their ability to clean energy, restore balance, and banish negativity. For thousands of years, cultures around the world have believed that a person’s energy is like perfume – once you come in contact with someone else’s vibes, good or bad, they tend to linger for a while.

I personally like to use my smudge stick if there’s been an argument in the house or if I have had a particularity stressful day. I open the windows and doors and walk in a clockwise motion around the house (not forgetting the corners!) allowing the smoke to cleanse the air around you. 

We currently use Sage but we will soon be making our own smudge sets which will include home grown sage, lavender and other fragrant herbs.

The benefits of smudging

Cleansing crystals

Not just for cleansing the spirit, smudging is also great for clearing any energy blockages in your crystals, as well! Just make sure that the smoke permeates the air surrounding your crystals; it is one of the quickest ways to purify your crystals. 

Clearing negative energy

Negative energy is so easy to absorb, and it is living all around us. I find that burning sage is the most clarifying way to eliminate the negative energy that has been weighing on you.

Soothes stress

An amazing reliever of stress, the fragrant aroma that comes from smudging herbs can be soothing to the nerves. It is one of the reasons that smudging is often used during meditation and yoga. 

Boosts energy levels

Energy blockages can be a huge reason that your energy levels are down. Don’t take this as a diagnosis per say, as burning some herbs cannot cure anemia, or any other serious disorders. What we mean here by energy is mental energy; those moments when you feel like giving up, or a negative presence is weighing down on you. It is important to regularly cleanse these mental blockages with smudging, introspection and meditation

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