Paranormal Equipment

Kinect SLS System


Paranormal Equipment 

We have a wide range of paranormal equipment available which will help assist you in your own investigations into the paranormal and the mysterious world that surrounds us. 

Whilst to many, paranormal equipment is pseudoscience, to us it is an important part of our quest to gain proof that there is such a thing as the afterlife. 

We have worked with lots of different pieces of equipment over the years.Some of which we’ve loved and others not so much. This is why we have decided to make available the pieces of  equipment that we swear by in the hope that it will also aid your own investigations. 

The following equipment is made to order and you should allow 7 working  days for your item to be posted;

  • Kinect SLS System
  • EM Pump
  • Portal Station

All of the above has been tried and tested by ourselves during our own investigations and proves to be very popular among our guests as well as providing us with some pretty impressive results.

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