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Candles & Holders

Burning a candle can be fantastic for a number of reasons. They’re one of the most versatile items of home décor you can find and here at Bewitched we have hand picked some of our favourites that we think you will love too. 

Not only are they beautiful to look at, they also have a wealth of other fabulous benefits and uses.

  1. Setting the moodYou can set all kinds of moods just by using a candle. Some tea lights around the bathtub, some scented candles in the bedroom, or some tapered candles on the table can all set a romantic mood. You can set spooky moods and mysterious moods and all kinds of other moods, simply by lighting up a wick! What else can do that?
  2. Scent sensationThere are, however, candles that smell excellent. I mean, there are candles that smell so divine, they can lift your mood.
  3. DecorationThey also make great decorations. A candle of the right color can go with your home décor, for example, and make a great splash. You can set them anywhere, in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or living room. 
  4. AromatherapyAromatherapy candles are amazing when it comes to helping you relax. You don’t even need an actual aromatherapy candle, although it will certainly help. However, lighting a regular candle, in a scent that soothes you, while you are taking a bath or a nap can do just as much good.

We have an extensive range to choose from including scented candle jars, chakra candles, candle holders and not forgetting our beautiful handmade soy wax candles which are lovingly made by our very own aromatherapist, Jude Radford. 

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