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Creep Tunnels – Saturday 21st April 2018

Creep Tunnels lay beneath the New Brighton Palace in Merseyside, and have a fascinating history dating back over two hundred years.
Before it’s life as a popular local nightclub, the area was once plagued by Pirates and Smugglers – It is said that a lot of the reported hauntings inside Creep Tunnels, are down to the restless souls of the Pirates and Smugglers,who are still searching for their lost loot and hoping to seek revenge.
Throw in numerous sightings of a ‘Grey Lady’ who is often seen roaming the dark corridors, grabbing at visitors clothes and Creep Tunnels really does seem to be the perfect ghost hunting location. Listen now to find out what the team experienced during their first ever investigation at Creep Tunnels. 

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  1. Hi there, I have just listened to your podcast of the Creep tunnels. You have put a smile on my face . I was the one who lied to her husband and told him he was going on a tunnel tour. I know he felt uncomfortable at first but he said it was a great experience, so thank you for making us both feel at ease. In the office’s office, the club name that came up was the ‘Chelsea Reach’ I think it was called the ferry hotel before that and build around 1850’s. Thanks again we had a great time.

    • Aww thank you for this lovely comment Nicola. It was a pleasure to have met you both and I’m glad that you enjoyed the investigation.
      Danni x

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