39 De Grey Street

39 De Grey Street – It’s a wrap!

On Saturday 24th November 2018 Danni & Dan hosted GGO’s last investigation of 2018 and it was pretty epic.

They spent the night along with 10 very brave guests in Hull’s reputedly most haunted home – 39 De Grey Street.

As you’ll probably know, the team have spent a lot of time investigating 39 De Grey Street over the past three years and with each visit the activity seems to become more intense.

Last night was no exception to this rule –

The house owner Andy, has recently acquired a coffin that was used in a chapel of rest.

We decided to set up our motion sensor alarms inside the coffin whilst we investigated the attic.

These alarms have only be activated once maybe twice throughout the many years of using them and last night they were activated twice inside the coffin within ten minutes.

So it only felt right to send Dan into the coffin to conduct a lone vigil whilst the rest of us investigated the attic.

Dan spent around 15 minutes alone downstairs in the coffin and whilst he was in there he started hearing someone walking around the coffin.

He decided to start filming using his mobile phone and it certainly sounds as if someone is walking around the coffin!

Take a listen and see what you can hear (Headphones will amplify the sound)


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