Ghost hunt at Harwich Redoubt Fort

Ghost hunting with the cast of Ghost Chasers!

Harwich Redoubt Fort, Harwich
As featured on episode 3 of Ghost Chasers!

Date: Saturday 9th September 2017
Time: 9pm-3am

Ghost Chasers, Insight’s brand new TV show, is taking the ghost hunting world by storm thanks to its fresh and honest approach to investigating tales of the paranormal. 
The show is presented by Kay Nambiar and features celebrity psychic medium Ian Lawman, along with paranormal investigators Chris Howley and Paul Hobday.

Ghostly Goings On are thrilled to announce details of an exclusive event which will see Ian and Paul join us as special guests at Harwich Redoubt Fort! 

Harwich Redoubt Fort is a unique military structure and one which is said to be home to a number of ghosts!
Some of the reported hauntings of Harwich Redoubt Fort, are said to be so intense, that many will not venture into certain parts alone.
People have witnessed apparitions walking past windows, along with the sound of footsteps echoing from seemingly empty corridors.
This is your opportunity to spend the night locked inside, investigating alongside Ian Lawman, Chris Howley & Paul Hobday from Ghost Chasers!

Location History:

Harwich Redoubt Fort is a circular, moated fort that was built between 1808 and 1810 to defend against the threat of a Napoleonic invasion. French prisoners of war were said to be have been forced to help in the construction. The Fort is now surrounded by allotments and houses, but when it was built it stood alone on top of a hill, with views in all directions, protected from canon fire by the earthworks. The Fort was home to a regiment of soldiers with heavy artillery mounted on the upper level ready for use, along with enough supplies to withstand a lengthy siege. Thankfully, the invasion never came.
The need for the Fort gradually declined over the years and by the 1920’s it had become abandoned, until WW2 when it was brought back into military service for a brief period and used to hold British troops who were awaiting trial. The Redoubt Fort was eventually handed over to The Harwich Society, who are in the process of restoring the Fort and have opened it up to the public as a museum.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

One of the most famous apparitions to be witnessed by visitors, is that of the headless soldier.  It is reported that the soldier was decapitated by a cable which snapped after being attached to a canon. Visitors have reported seeing the soldier walking around the fort with his head under his arm. 
People visiting the lower casements are often touched by unseen hands which sees them flee in terror.
A lot of audio activity has also been captured at Harwich Redoubt Fort, including the sound of distant talking and whistling. 

Your night with us and the Ghost Chasers cast at Harwich Redoubt Fort will include:

  • Welcome drink upon arrival
  • Meet Ian & Paul from Ghost Chasers
  • A screening of the Harwich Redoubt Fort, Ghost Chasers episode
  • Q&A session with Ian, Chris & Paul after the episode
  • Paranormal investigation of Harwich Redoubt Fort, working with all the crew
  • Full use of our paranormal equipment
  • Free refreshments provided throughout the night
  • Entry into a competition to win 2 free tickets to a future event!

You can read about the Ghost Chasers episode at Harwich Redoubt Fort here 

How do I book & pay?

You can book your tickets with just a £20pp deposit, with the remaining balance due no later than close of business on Friday 25th August 2017.

Click here to book! 

Where can I watch, Ghost Chasers?

Ghost Chasers is available now on Insight, Sky channel 564 or catch-up free online at

You can also follow the cast on their social media pages for behind-the-scenes info from the series:

Ian Lawman: Twitter & Facebook

Paul HobdayTwitter & Facebook

Chris HowleyTwitter & Facebook

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