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Take a look at some of our ghost hunting locations…

Here at Ghostly Goings On, we are lucky enough to get to spend our weekends in some of the UK’s most historic and haunted buildings. 

All of our 2017 dates are now sold out but panic not, we will be adding some new 2018 dates over the next coming weeks – So keep your eyes peeled! 
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Below is a selection of just some of our ghost hunting locations that we have coming up.



Halloween Ghost Hunt

Halloween Ghost Hunt

Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester

Date:Saturday 28th October 2017
Time: 9.30pm-3am


Join Ghostly Goings On this Halloween at Blackfriars Priory in the city of Gloucester,one of the oldest surviving Dominican priories in Britain.
A ‘bleeding Friar’, doors which lock seemingly of their own accord, and the constant noise of footsteps are just some of the examples of the type of activity reported from within Blackfriars priory.
This location is seriously dark, with numerous burial grounds discovered, with the most recent being in 1991.
Blackfriars Priory is a hotbed for paranormal activity which will test the nerves of even the most seasoned investigator.

Location History:

Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester, was founded in 1239 on a site that had once been part of a Norman castle.
The Black Friars were of the Dominican order founded in 1217 by St Dominic to fight the twin evils of ‘heresy and doubt’. The friars acted as teachers and evangelists, and they would either travel around the countryside or live together in urban friaries. The monks that lived at Blackfriars had to take on traditional monastic vows of poverty, chastity and obedience; they would have attended church nine times a day unless excused.
The friary continued throughout the next two centuries, the Dominicans acted as confessors to many significant people, they would in turn give generous gifts on the friary in which many of them would be lay to rest. A cemetery was discovered in 1991 and was found to also have women and children buried there have, indicating that Blackfriars may have been operating as a hospital or hospice for the families of benefactors.
In the early sixteenth century the house was in decline, it had once housed between thirty and forty friars reduced to a prior and six brethren living in poverty at the time of the dissolution. It was later bought by Sir Thomas Bell, who was mayor of Gloucester and also a wealthy Gloucester capper and clothier. He purchased the property for £240 and remodelled the church into a private dwelling house with other buildings being converted into a cloth manufacturer providing employment for over 300 townspeople; making him one of the largest employers of the city.
In the 1790’s parts of the cloistral ranges were turned into dwellings and other buildings housed a wool-stapler and a stonemason’s workshop and by the early nineteenth century a private school had also been established there. The west range, substantially altered in the early nineteenth century to form three houses facing onto Ladybellegate Street, this originally housed the friar’s refectory; where they all would have eaten together.
In the 1930’s Bell’s mansion had been divided into two separate houses and other tenants of the site included a printing firm and a mineral water manufacturer. Restoration of the building then began in 1960 under the direction of the Ministry of Works. The building is currently owned by English Heritage and has undergone restoration work.

Your Halloween ghost hunt at Blackfriars Priory includes:

  • Vigils in smaller groups
  • An equipment demonstration before the investigation begins
  • Full use of our vast array of paranormal equipment
  • Refreshments, Tea, coffee & cakes
  • The guidance of our experienced investigators
  • Free entry into a competition to win a £50 voucher ( The winner will be drawn on the night )

To find out more about this location, please visit their website www.gloucesterblackfriars.co.uk