HMP Gloucester podcast

HMP Gloucester podcast

Snow, ghosts & mince pies – 

HMP Gloucester is a local location for us and one that has only recently opened it’s doors to ghost hunting companies around the UK.
The prison certainly boasts a dark and abhorrent past, with countless executions and deaths occurring on the site over the last 200 years.
It’s fair to say that HMP Gloucester has also housed some of the countries most notorious criminals, including serial killer, Fred West. The energy inside this historic prison surely must be astounding. This is ghost hunting at it’s most extreme – Did we handle a night behind bars?

Blackfriars Priory Podcast

Blackfriars Priory Podcast – A ‘bleeding Friar’, doors which lock seemingly of their own accord, and the constant noise of footsteps are just some of the examples of the type of activity reported from within Blackfriars priory.
This location is seriously dark, with numerous burial grounds discovered, with the most recent being in 1991.
Blackfriars Priory is a hotbed for paranormal activity which certainly tested the nerves of even the more seasoned investigator on the team. 

Listen now to find out what the team discovered…

39 De Grey Street Podcast

39 De Grey Street Podcast – 39 De Grey Street, Hull, is described by many as the ‘UK’s most haunted home’, with previous tenants fleeing and refusing to sleep another night inside.
An indistinct, evil presence is said to be responsible for dragging a young women from her bed and for holding a man up against a wall by it’s unseen hands.
With furniture moving seemingly of it’s own accord to the sounds of a menacing growling, this place really does seem to be a ghost hunters paradise.
But, is 39 De Grey Street really as terrifying as it’s being proclaimed? Listen now to find out…

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Shaw House Podcast

Shaw House Podcast – Shaw House, Berkshire, dates back to 1581 and is said to house a plethora of spirits who quite often make themselves known to unsuspecting visitors.
Mysterious balls of light, the sound of haunting screams and shadowy figures are just some of the reported phenomena from this impressive Elizabethan mansion.
On Saturday 14th October 2017, Shaw House opened it’s doors to Ghostly Goings On and 30 brave guests, as they embarked on a paranormal journey that they certainly wouldn’t forget about in a hurry. 
What did the team discover during the investigation? Listen now to find out…